Flight Simulator 2004

Well, obviously if I have a website I must know something about computers: and that assumption is correct (I hope!). I love just playing around on the computer involving things like programming (usually in visual basic or c++), web development (including but not limited to: coding (html and asp), web and database servers and related technologies like rss and podcasts (coming soon)) and gaming in moderation (usually ‘serious’ games like Flight Simulator and also mindless ones like The Sims 2 and Counter-strike: Source (not that I am saying that they do not involve a certain level of intelligence). I am not really involved in hardware chiefly because I don’t have the funds to experiment in that regard, although I have recently been experimenting with serial port interfacing (see electronics below).


Well, I guess this still counts although there are hardly any worthwhile electronic shops in Port Elizabeth which make enjoying electronics difficult, I will still jump at the opportunity to take something to pieces (like that old Lexmark printer I exhumed from the bottom of a deep cupboard!).

A Serial Port

I also have been experimenting with serial port interfacing, with some success, and hope to start with programmable microchips so that I make something more useful with serial ports. I have also attempted to make a few electronic circuits from book schematics without success, probably due to the fact that they are quite outdated (you just don’t get that sort of book these days)


A Commercial Boeing 747 Simulator

Aviation is another hobby of mine that has been squashed due to me not being a millionaire. So, to compensate, I play Flight Simulator as often as I can. My cousin introduced me to Flight Simulator 98 and I’ve been playing it ever since. I still like going to air shows (see pictures of the Model Air show) and would kill for an opportunity to go up in a plane or helicopter. My dream (more like fantasy) is to build my own simulator like the commercial ones. Seeing that this is my own website, let me elaborate a bit. I would go to one of those plane graveyards like you see on the Mythbusters series on Discovery Channel and saw off the whole cockpit of a Boeing 747 including the door that separates the cockpit from the rest of the plane. Then I would get the absolute best computer I can find for gaming (such as the Acer Aspire G7700 PREDATOR) and replace all the instruments with ones that may be used with Flight Simulator (yes, you do get them). I would have 3 data projectors connected up to those multiple display devices (like the Triple Head To Go) which I would shine onto a large projector screen, in just the right place as to make one long, single image which would stretch around the front of the cockpit so that you can see out all the windows. I would then install my own lighting system etcetera with authentic bulbs and switches to look like the real thing. Oh, and don’t forget about the hydraulic jacks that make the cockpit jolt. Sounds cool hey? Mabye when I retire at 30 I’ll have enough money to make one!


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